Our Projects

Agriculture Project

We New Horizon Group is collaborated with certain companies in the field of better agricultural production. We deal with various medicinal products for plants and trees that help the farmers grow crops more efficiently. In this project our sincere executives impart the knowledge and where about of our plant medicines in small groups within their locality.

Hygienic Project

New Horizon in collaboration with certain companies help the women of our State by imparting knowledge about the uses of “SANITARY PADS” and distributing free pads to the women of West Bengal. In this project we require the help of Women power who arrange meetings and impart the knowledge of uses of sanitary napkins among the fellow villagers(women).

Project “OM”

We train the villagers of making Garlands with artificial flowers for Goddesses. We provide them with the raw materials for making the designer garlands. After completion of the work we pay them for their work done. We don’t charge any amount for the raw materials provided for the work.

Project Swastho Surokhya

We provide free Blood Glucose Test and Blood Pressure Test for all in rural and urban areas. Our executives will help the people from the rural & urban areas to gather once a month in cluster of 20 people at a time and maintain their health checkups once a month on a regular basis.